Mplus 180K

Mplus 180K
Mplus 180K

Fiyat Teklifi İste

Dimensions : 600 x 1100 x 2030mm

Capacity : 180 KW

  • N+1 or N+R Parallel Redundancy for power guarantee
  • Modular design decreases MTTR
  • High scalability
  • Built-in maintenance bypass switch for easy maintenance without interruptible
  • High efficiency double conversion online UPS
  • Adjustable battery numbers
  • Adjustable charging current
  • Graphic 5.7'' LCD design for easy configuration

Model Name Mplus 180K
Safety CE
PHASE 3-phase in / 3-phase out
Input Capacity 180 KW
Voltage 3 x 400 VAC (3Ph+N)
Voltage Range 305-478 VAC (3-phase) @ 100% load 190-520 VAC (3-phase) @ 50% load
Frequency Range 40Hz ~ 70 Hz
Output AC Voltage Regulation(Batt. Mode) ±5 %
Frequency Range(Batt. Mode) 46~54Hz or 56~64Hz
Waveform(Batt. Mode) Pure Slin Wave
Battery Battery Type NONE
Battery Number NONE
Typical Recharge Time NONE
Protection Full Protection Full Protection
Physical Output Receptacles India, French, Schuko, NEMA, and IEC selections
Dimension 600mm(L) x 1100mm(W) x 2030mm(H)
Net Weight NONE
Operating Environmen Humidity 0-90 % RH @ 0- 40°C (non-condensing)
Noise Level NONE
Management Optional USB/RS-232 Port Support Windows 98/2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, Windows 7, Linux, and MAC8